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Speed-running Southern Maine Part 1

144 miles left to go in Maine and a plan to do it in 9 days. That’s an average of 16 miles a day. In Maine. Crazy right? The are three reasons that is even imaginable (let alone possible), any two of which would not be sufficient to put such a plan on the radar:

  • I’d nearly hiked 2000 miles already, and was in the best hiking shape of my life.
  • Copper wouldn’t be with me for any of it.
  • I could slackpack most of it, and sleep in a proper bed most nights.

Attempting 16 mile days every day for 9 days straight while climbing the steepest hills on the A.T. with a full pack, or with a dog, or on untested legs would be something only attempted by crazy professional hikers, crazy people, or Renea. But in my very particular situation, it seemed doable, and doing it is the subject of this post. Continue reading

Things are looking up, but I’m slowing down, and Copper’s right out

A nasty bout of weather cut short my one-week-to-Pinkham-Notch plan after a mere 5 days. Six days after being shuttled from Chet’s out to Kinsman Notch, I was back again. And I wasn’t the only one. Icarus was back again, having spent the past few days hiking the Pemi with Damselfly and Splash. He showed me pictures they took cavorting on the edge of Bondcliff and enjoined me to go see it myself, extolling it as the most beautiful spot in the Whites, and judging from the pictures, it seemed likely he wasn’t exaggerating.


An epic battle for Bondcliff (by Rachel “Damselfly” Kirchoefner, with Chris Eli “Icarus” Polett and Josh “Splash” Isbell)

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Saddleback (An Illustrated Poem)

Everyone knows the old adage
About how Beauty exists
Nowhere in the World
Except Behind Our Own Eyes
But how many behave as if they believe it?
This evening,
  From the tip of Saddleback,
      The last dwindling rays of Sun could be Seen
          Painting the clouds in a myriad hues
              Of Blood Orange and Cornflower
                  Illuminating the Sky
          From the Northwest


                                                                                  To the Southeast
While Behind
The trees traded their usual Browns and Greens
For a wan                                                              Yet Brilliant Gold
So that they might provide a sharper contrast
to The Mountain’s own imposing Shadow. . .


                                                          . . .yet no one stood there. . .
                                            . . .and no one saw it. . .
                               . . .and the ephemeral panorama. . .
                     . . .passed before No One’s Eyes. . .
          . . .before disappearing into Oblivion. . .
. . .and so it was not Beautiful.
The evening before
When thereupon I stood,
Everything was exactly as it was today.
And I give Thanks
                                Even though
                                                       I can only thank myself.
Is ever only used as a
But why should I not be
Just a little bit proud
That I was able to bring Beauty into the World
          Even if it were only
                     The World behind my eyes
And perhaps
                              The Worlds behind yours as well?

Even More Rain, Even More Rocks, Out Of Pennsylvania

So, when I left off writing two weeks ago, I was in Palmerton, PA, June 1st. I woke up in the Jail House Hostel fairly early, and immediately crossed the street for the laundromat to put a load in. Then, I got into the diner with a line of other hikers (Rolling R and the Aussies were there) to get breakfast. Although, I planned to be in town most of the day, I was still hungry early and all slept out.


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Virginia Highlands: Losing and Regaining

I am now 370 miles into my hike and have between five and six times that much to go from here, so hurray for being more than 1/6 done! Also, I have my trail legs now and the weather is finally perfect for hiking. I am also about 80 miles into VA and all I can say is: wow. Privies everywhere!

It was 8pm by the time I posted last and headed out of Damascus. It was almost dark, so as soon as the AT crossed the road and went upstairs, I pulled out my headlamp. We probably walked 5 miles before arriving at a stream where another trail crossed and a tiny stony campsite with barely enough space for my tent. I couldn’t stake it out properly, but Comet had said not to expect rain and indeed it was a clear night the whole time we hiked, and the temperatures were perfect. So I left the rainfly off to get the cool air flowing through, put Copper inside, and went right to sleep.
Copper woke me at 3am and I soon heard why. Thunder! Lightning! It was a huge electrical storm. But Copper and Stevie Nicks both seemed to think it would rain, so I stumbled outside barefoot and put the rainfly on. Of course, I couldn’t stake it out right either because of the stones and the fact that I was stumbling around barefoot in the dark while the stakes were inside.

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