Monthly Archives: October 2013

Saddleback (An Illustrated Poem)

Everyone knows the old adage
About how Beauty exists
Nowhere in the World
Except Behind Our Own Eyes
But how many behave as if they believe it?
This evening,
  From the tip of Saddleback,
      The last dwindling rays of Sun could be Seen
          Painting the clouds in a myriad hues
              Of Blood Orange and Cornflower
                  Illuminating the Sky
          From the Northwest


                                                                                  To the Southeast
While Behind
The trees traded their usual Browns and Greens
For a wan                                                              Yet Brilliant Gold
So that they might provide a sharper contrast
to The Mountain’s own imposing Shadow. . .


                                                          . . .yet no one stood there. . .
                                            . . .and no one saw it. . .
                               . . .and the ephemeral panorama. . .
                     . . .passed before No One’s Eyes. . .
          . . .before disappearing into Oblivion. . .
. . .and so it was not Beautiful.
The evening before
When thereupon I stood,
Everything was exactly as it was today.
And I give Thanks
                                Even though
                                                       I can only thank myself.
Is ever only used as a
But why should I not be
Just a little bit proud
That I was able to bring Beauty into the World
          Even if it were only
                     The World behind my eyes
And perhaps
                              The Worlds behind yours as well?