Problems with the VPS again, so I haven’t had a chance to write up the latest post yet. Give me a couple more days. Here’s a poem I wrote to tide you over until I get it done…

How does a person row an oak?
It seems rather plain to me.
My answer, of course, is only a joke.
I don’t like to waste a tree.

First you cut all its branches off
Then carve one into an oar.
Then you push it onto its side
And roll it down the shore.

Then whereupon you get it afloat
You must sit upon it a-straddle
Aim it downriver towards Roanoke
And blister your hands with your paddle.

Then, once you’re riding upon a downed tree,
You might want to see Botetourt.
There’s rivers and creeks all through the county
And now you have a boat to tour it.

Update: seems they’ve come up with some kind of workaround and the website should stay up from now on. Post coming sometime in next couple of days.

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