Trouble with Technology

I know I’m over 3 weeks behind now. I’m writing this from a library in Connecticut, and you can only reserve a computer for a half-hour at a time here. I can’t write long posts on my phone because the hardware keyboard is fried. I’ve ordered a new one under warranty and it has already chased me across half the country. When it finally catches me, I’ll take a zero to set it up and get as much writing done as I can. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be as patient as I have to be right now.
If anyone has any mp3 audiobooks just sitting around on their drives, please let me know. I’ve finished the last of the ones I got before the beginning of the trip, and getting new ones is very difficult without a proper computer.

6 thoughts on “Trouble with Technology

  1. Karen Rutter

    I’m getting the audiobooks from the public library. I can give you my library card # and you can get whatever you want.

  2. Tony Dockery

    I’m totally impressed with how much you are able to write now. Good luck with the new hardwear

  3. Brenda

    Good to hear from you… I was getting concerned! I checked earlier today to make sure that I had not missed a post. Hope you soon get your technology issues solved. I am making notes of the challenges that you have faced. I see where Karen is taking care of your book needs. Give Copper some love … I trust his feet are holding up.

  4. Renea

    Good to hear from you. So excited you’re in Connecticut. Does this mean you have 8 states down and 6 to go? I think GA, NH, and ME will be tough terrain, but will offer some great weather and great views–something to look forward to after PA, NJ, and NY.

    I know you’re behind on your posts, but I like knowing where you are in real time. I’d like to send you a little pkg. at some point before you get to the 100 mile wilderness, so could you add to each post just a “real time location” note so I can maybe time your pkg.? Hope all is going as planned, other than your techno glitch. Can’t wait to hear about it. Btw, hope Copper is better and raring to go.

    Hike on.

    1. quintopia Post author

      I’d rather not publicly post a real time location, even if it is one that will quickly go stale. I can give approximations here, but if you want up-to-the-day accuracy, you should text me.

  5. Gina

    Salve David!!
    Sorry to hear about your techno trouble! I love reading your observations and about your experiences.
    I had lunch with your Mom last week and we had a good chance to catch up. Keep up your focus and energy! Love ya!


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